Modern staircases

The modern staircase is an extremely important design element. A staircase is expected to be an eye-catching feature and going for a modern staircase is just the way to do that. Smet has been producing luxury tailor-made hardwood staircases for over 25 years, by taking a personal approach to every project. Our long experience ensures that every modern staircase is truly bespoke.



If light and space are something you wish to increase, or if you want a modern, minimalistic look then glass stair railing are a must-have giving you maximum light and view. A glass staircase design together with our hardwood knowhow will give you that modern staircase design that you are looking for.


Stainless Steel:

Another alternative would be to go with modern stairs design ideas, and clean metal stair spindles. Combine this with the natural beauty of wood and you get a unique modern staircase that perfectly fits your house.