Notting Hill - A

Block staircase with wooden steps and glass railing panels


  • Wood used: Solid laminated French Oak
  • Type of balustrade: Clear, toughened and laminated glass
  • Special feature: Self-supporting 80 mm thick treads and risers

This project was a real challenge to deal with. The house, based in Notting Hill, had a very tight space to fit a family used staircase. Yet although using glass for the space would be quite suitable, the client wanted as less glass as possible to keep the design simple. That's why we came up with a wooden block staircase with solid treads and 80mm thick risers. Only the top section of the staircase is supported of the structural glass hanging of the first floor joists.


The end result

A beautiful match between our Smet staircase and the wooden floor. Eventhough it's a modern staircase, it works very well in a fantastic refurbished victorian house.


What our client had to say




We’re absolutely delighted with the end result.


We’re happy for you to come along whenever it suits you.


Many thanks


Best wishes,


Mr Nixon