Our recent staircase projects


To help you in your search for what can be the main focal point of your entrance hall, we bundled up some of our most recent and inspiring staircase projects


Mayfair Penthouse

Wooden staircase with glass railing

This extraordinary design combines the timeless elegance of a solid panel balustrade with the luxurious texture and warmth of leather, resulting in a truly remarkable centerpiece for this Mayfair penthouse.

Architecture & interior design by Studio Mackereth


Construction by Forcia

South West London - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We are proud to present one of our latest projects in South West London.


The combination of the solid Oak treads and risers and the smoothly curved solid panel balustrade results in a calm and serene look for this beautiful home.


On top of the solid balustrade we installed a handrail, which creates an elegant detail throughout.


The staircase arrives on a matching, curved, structural landing, with a tapered pattern.


We couldn't be happier with the result!

Manchester - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

A classic, yet trendy look in one of our latest projects in Manchester.


Achieved by combining a solid plastered balustrade painted in the same colour as the walls, and Oak treads and risers stained in a natural colour.


What makes this staircases special is the curves in the balustrade at the start.

Sevenoaks - C

Wooden staircase with glass railing

This luxurious Sevenoaks home has quite the view when walking through the front door.


A double flight leads you from the majestic hall to the First Floor. The flights unite in a solid oak landing.


The solid panel balustrade is made from French Oak and stained to a darker colour than the treads and risers to create a contrasting look.


Both flights start with a monkey tail curve in the solid panel  balustrade, and have LED lighting between the staircase and the wall.


A second pair of mirrored flights leads you from the First to the Second Floor, where there is a glass panel balustrade. The perfect place to take in the view from above!

Berkshire - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

The Clients had big ideas for their new build family home. A slide into the basement was one of them.


Needless to say we were up for the challenge!


The design team designed two flights of stairs to get to the First and Second Floor, and a fully curved slide down to the basement area,  with next to it a fully curved staircase, to get back up of course.


For the top two flights, the combination of a two tone finish with black steel spindles was chosen.


For the bottom flight a glass balustrade made the most sense, because it keeps as most of the light as possible in a darker space, and… you can look at the slide as you go up.


A slide is a must-have item in every house, according to this lovely family....

Wimbledon - D

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Three brand new staircases, completely made of solid French Oak with a seamless glass balustrade.


The colour of the Oak was matched with the colour of the wooden floors for a sereen look throughout the house.


Halfway the staircase from First to Second Floor is a stunning bridge construction that makes a real eye-catcher for anyone walking through the front door.


A second special feature is the double podium at the start, with  nosing to accommodate for LED lighting.

Kensal Green - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Let us introduce one of our latest domestic projects in Kensal Green.


For a rather narrow hallway we designed a floating staircase with solid Oak treads and a side-fixed low iron glass balustrade, to keep it very open and light.


A special detail to this staircase is the solid Oak caps we used to cover the steel bolts that hold the glass. It creates the impression that the glass is cutting through the steps.


Just what you need to create a wow-factor, right?

Shirley - B

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We are proud to share with you one of our recent projects in Shirley, for which we manufactured two French Oak curved staircases with a bespoke spindle design and a beautiful large starting post.


The house being more traditional, the Client wanted a traditional look in the staircases as well, with everything made of solid hardwood and finished in a natural stain.


A specific request from the Client was to have a continuous grain in the woodwork of the stringer, rather than having visible joints in the grain.


Given the size of the staircases, this proved to be a challenge, but we made it work and were able to bring them to site in one piece.

Farringdon - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

For one of our recent projects in Farringdon we manufactured and installed a solid French Oak block staircase with plain steel black spindles.


With a special finger-joint, we glue the 80mm thick self-supporting treads and risers together, so they make a whole without any support of stringers.


We tied in the old with the new, as the existing limestone staircase underneath, a couple hundred years old, remained in place.


Farnham - E

Wooden staircase with glass railing

A stunning house in Farnham now has a solid French Oak staircase with a seamless toughened and laminated glass balustrade.


With a splay on only one side at the start, the staircase has a unique look and fits perfectly in the warm, cosy, barn-like home.

Presenting... The Whiteley

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We are very proud and extremely honoured to be appointed to the Whiteley project.

This iconic London landmark in Bayswater has been completely re-designed by Foster + Partners, and will house 139 unique residences and the UK’s first Six Senses hotel.

Our appointment is to design, manufacture and install 44 flights for the duplex penthouse apartments and townhouses.

The 3D renders give us a sneak peek and show a two tone finished cut string staircase with two intermediate landings and a continuous handrail and stringer throughout.

Wimbledon - C

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Another curved staircase completed!


It's a great compliment when a Client returns for a second project, but at the same time a bit challenging: we can't help wanting to make the second one even better than the first one.


The Client wanted for this Wimbledon Village home to be a high-spec contemporary one, with the staircase being a key element that elegantly connects all floor levels.


The final design we agreed upon was to have underlying white painted stringers and stained Oak treads and risers in a zigzag shape. Balustrade-wise the Client chose a combination of our 'Le Mans' and 'Belfort' spindle with a black paint finish.


The special feature here is the continuous and smoothly curved Oak handrail throughout.

Chelsea - F

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We are very proud to present the staircases we’ve installed at this beautiful Chelsea townhouse. Spanning over 5 floors in a quite narrow hallway, there were some challenges to this assignment, but it all worked out in the end.


The cut string design was combined with a two tone finish to create a sophisticated and high end look.


The bottom flight runs between two walls and has LED lighting alongside of the steps. The top flights have a black steel spindle balustrade.


The same balustrade was used for the void on the First Floor.

East Finchley - B

Wooden staircase with glass railing

The East Finchley – B project required three flights, all with a seamless glass balustrade and dark stained Oak stringers and handrail.


These staircases are now the focal point of the communal part of an apartment building.


They are fire retardant and have carpeted treads to reduce the noise when walking up.

Kensington - C

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Our recent project in Kensington was an amazing one. Three flights in a cut string design, two tone finish and curved wreath pieces in the turns to create a smooth and continuous handrail and stringer.


The balustrade consists of black steel spindles.


The combination of all these elements make it a very natural and elegant looking staircase.

Wandsworth - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

This project in Wandsworth is another successful collab with BTL Property who have done a complete refurbishment of this townhouse.

The client had a set mind on reusing the floorboards and blending this with the colour of the stairs as best as possible.

We can only agree this was a good choice. 

Hampstead - B

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We recently finished this amazing project in North London.


The staircase is a mixture of solid French Oak for the treads, Beech for the risers and Mahogany for the handrail.


The combination with plain round steel spindles gives the staircases a very simple and natural look.

Our treads were matched with the colour of the rustic flooring.


Belgravia - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

We're very proud to share these pictures of a recently completed project where we designed and installed a helical staircase spiralling over 540° (!).


It's one of the eye catchers in the major renovation of a Belgravia townhouse. At the same time it's a school example of how we use the glue lam principle to create helical, freestanding staircases. 


We worked closely together with Schneider Architects, who designed the house, and Coniston Ltd. who was the main contractor. 


Chelsea - E

Wooden staircase with glass railing

A truly breathtaking staircase over 4 floors connecting the entire house, which has been designed by the talented Jo Cowen Architects team. Main contractor on the job was Roxburgh Construction. 


The staircase combines the cut string design with the sweeping French Oak handrail that runs continuously from start to finish. Treads, risers and handrail are stained to match the herringbone flooring. 

Sunningdale - F

Wooden staircase with glass railing

For this stunning mansion, we have designed a challenge for ourselves. The contractor, for whom we have been working since 1999, knew that we could pull it off and gave us the go-ahead.


The staircase spanning over 4 floors has a continuous handrail and stringer with large curved sections in the turns.


All the glass was pre-made and fitted at the same time as the staircase flights, including the laminated curved panels. This process, with no templating of the glass needed after installation and which we have refined over many years, leads to a far greater efficiency in the crucial and time sensitive phase of the project.

Sunningdale - I

Wooden staircase with glass railing

What better way to add class to a raised patio than with a designer staircase. With little or no maintenance and clever details as stainless steel anti-slip strips, semi risers to comply with building regulations and drip holes to evacuate excess moisture you are assured of an outside showpiece for years to come.


We used Padouk wood because it has a high resistance to abrasion, has great strength and doesn't readily decay, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Planning on doing some work outside? We love to hear from you!



Grafty Green - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Looking through the window of this beautiful Grafty Green home, you can see one of our latest projects.


The owner came to us looking for a feature staircase, as the staircase was going to be visible from inside and outside the house.


Glass balustrading was a good way to go, as it keeps the room light and open, and the two toned finish really added to the exceptional look of the staircase.


Just a simple straight staircase, but such an eye catcher, especially with the glass balustrade running along the entire galleried landing.

Cobham - D

Wooden staircase with glass railing

You can choose to curve a staircase in every turn, or you can go for a straight post to post design like our Client did for this Cobham project. The contrast between the dark stained posts and the white painted spindles really works wonderful with the rest of the interior.


The end result is a perfect example of a staircase with a traditional lay out, but with a contemporary twist. The cut string design ads to the wow-factor of the staircase, and the fully finished underside is the cherry on top.

East Grinstead - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

This is one of our latest projects, two straight staircases in East Grinstead.


The large windows, open riser staircases and glass panelled balustrades definitely make for a winning combination. 


The gap between each tread was reduced with glass semi-risers, and the solid French Oak handrail vertically returns to the first tread.

Cobham - C

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Newly finished project in Cobham.


The traditional look and two toned finish really make it blend in perfectly with this lovely home's interior. The treads were even stained to match with the wooden floor.


And how about that monkey tail starting post?

Walton-on-Thames - G

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Our recent Walton-on-Thames project is another strong case for promoting skylights over the staircase hall... They make a huge difference to the whole atmosphere and highlight the textures in the used materials.


This feature central staircase is fully self-supporting and has a double curved grand splay at the start for the ultimate wow factor.


We used solid Beech for the treads, risers and stringers, and solid French Oak for the handrail. The seamless glass balustrade was fitted in between the stringer and handrail.

Lake Geneva - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Our first Swiss Client sent us pictures of their stunning finished hallway where we designed and installed a spiral balustrade and stringer over four floors.


The staircase has solid French Oak treads and risers and solid Beech stringers, painted white for a two tone look.


We kept it simple, yet elegant, with plain round steel spindles.


No challenge too large... Contact us for all your bespoke staircase projects both domestic and international.

Sutton - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Wooden engineering shown in the best way possible, on our recent Sutton project.

The self-supporting French Oak treads & risers, Z-shaped to increase the going on the steps, in combination with the glass panels, cut to follow the Z-shaped pattern, make for a winning combination.


The magnificent light feature transforms this hallway into an extraordinary place.

Chelwood Gate - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

This luxurious Chelwood Gate home deserved nothing less than a stunning, one of a kind staircase, that takes your breath away from the moment you walk through the front door.


With a glass balustrade, curved on either side at the start, and white painted stringers, the entrance hall remains bright and open.

Walton-on-Thames - F

Wooden staircase with glass railing

These pictures speak for themselves... The epitome of understated luxury. Serene and grand at the same time. 


The Walton-on-Thames staircase really is a one of a kind staircase, where we used solid French Oak panels for the balustrade, stained to match with the colour of the wooden floors.


It curves beautifully in every turn and makes a grand sweep at the start.

Camden - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

Simple, yet elegant and sophisticated.


The staircases for our recent Camden project are made of two different kinds of wood for a two toned look: solid Beech for risers and stringer and solid French Oak for treads and handrail, stained to a different colour.


The balustrade, consisting of wrought iron spindles, curves all the way up.


Feel inspired yet? Let us know how we can help with your staircase project.


Brentwood - A

Wooden staircase with glass railing

A hypnotising view from the hallway looking up to the skylight above.


This recent Brentwood project has got a curved and continuous handrail and balustrade running up three floors.


We used solid French Oak for the treads and handrail and solid Beech for the risers and stringers.


The wrought iron spindles are a combination of the 'Dieppe' and the 'Nantes' spindle.

Ascot - B

Wooden staircase with glass railing

The main feature of this brand new Ascot home is the sweeping staircase from Ground to Second floor. 


For this recent project we used solid Beech for the stringers, solid French Oak for the handrail and solid Birch Plywood for the lightweight hybrid construction suitable for marble cladding.