All Wood - Hand Carved Staircase

The time when a staircase was merely a means of getting up-stairs is long gone. A Smet staircase integrates function and form, together with aeshetics to ensure harmony within your interior. These types of staircases are made completely out of wood, including the balustrade and handrail. Our products are only made of hardwood, with over 20 varieties available, softwood is never used in our finished products. All the woods are kiln-dried to bring the inherent moisture content down to around 8%. That way we reduce the possibility of cracking, splitting, shrinkage or creaking.


So Many Different Styles, So Many Possibilities

Whether you're after a feature staircase, a classic staircase, a contemporary staircase, a floating staircase or a traditional staircase, Smet always aims to offer you a bespoke product that will exceed your expectations.


Nothing is as unique as a hand carved staircase, it will certainly create a central feature to any property. Smet has extensive experience in making hand carved staircases and will design your staircase to meet your exact specifications.



Every hand carved staircase is made from hardwood. The wooden carving is done by hand and perfected to the finest detail. The end result is a timeless piece of art which gracefully withstands the test of time