Smet Staircases Newsletter 16/06/16 (1/3)

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With the clash between England and Wales coming up in a few hours at EURO 2016, things are already quite intense. We however are keeping our heads cool and are thinking about new ways to improve our service. Unlike some football fans we will not get our faces painted, but our website is the one undergoing an entire makeover! The launch is scheduled after the summer.

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Smet Staircases newsletter 14/06/2019

Have you seen our latest projects yet?


The Smet team is very proud to present two recently finished projects, starting with this Walton-on-Thames - F project.

Smet Staircases Newsletter 15/03/16

Antique bronze patinated wrought iron spindles, solid Black Americain Walnut and a personalised design that takes this hallway to another level. Our Iver model offers everything one should expect from a luxurious and bespoke staircase that perfectly fits the room it is designed for. A staircase...

How to keep your staircase (and yourself) in good condition during the 'dry' winter months!

Not just yet but all of a sudden winter will be coming home. Days are getting shorter, temperature drops and all of us, if we haven’t already, will turn our heating on and start chopping logs for the wood burner. Back to the cosy indoors after the long hot summer. This combined with the wind...